NAS: Mean Shoe Game

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By Karu F. Daniels, AOL Black Voices

Platinum selling rap veteran Nas will release a new line of shoes in June 2007.He may be more known for his lyrical skill than his footwear, but hip-hop veteran Nas has struck a deal to create a signature footwear line.

Named the "Disciple Footwear Collection," the line will be marketed and distributed through 310 Global Brands, which recently brought "Hurricane" -- the best-selling footwear line by platinum-plated West coast rapper The Game -- to the masses.

Nas (legally known as Nasir Olu Dara Bin Jones) is reportedly hands-on in the design process for the specialty line, which will launch in select specialty shops in June.

"310 is not based on a one-size-fits-all approach," he said during the campaign's photo shoot in New York. "It's about customization, expressing your own personal style - and DISCIPLE Footwear Collection by 310 is born out of this same spirit. I'm excited to design styles that respect that we are not all the same - that we're here to celebrate our diversity, our roots, our history."

He purportedly named the brand after his trademark ID, and the title of his 2004 double disc 'Street's Disciple.'

310 founder Marc Laidler said he has respected the rap icon for a long time. "He has never wavered and his street credibility is as true as it was back in the day. Everything Nas does is with style and authenticity, and I'm happy to be going into business with a man whose credentials are in sync with 310's true style."

Comments: (25)

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