Tax Lawyer Sues Gucci, Claims Racist Practices Against Rihanna

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From The Huffington Post:

Josephine Robinson, a former tax lawyer for Gucci, is suing the fashion house for $5 million in damages after supposedly being subjected to racist comments and complaining about the treatment, allegedly resulting in her firing last year, the New York Post reports.

Robinson, who identifies as a "dark-skinned West Indian Latina," also claims that she was told to pilfer more money from pop Rihanna, who posed for the brand back in 2008, after her superiors found out that the pop star was from Barbados.

The Post writes
: Robinson says she was working on Rihanna's contract with the Italian fashion house in 2008 when she got the shocking directive from her boss, international tax counsel Stan Sherwood.

"When Sherwood discovered that Rihanna was from a Caribbean island, he told Robinson to 'tax the hell out of her' and find a way to allow Gucci to withhold 30 percent of her fee," according to Robinson's suit.

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